Stop Telstra White Pages and Yellow Pages phone book deliveries

OK so you’ve just got dumped with new phone books that are going to go straight into the recycling.

What a waste.

Surely there has to be a way to stop them?

Well, there is, but Telstra should plaster it all over their websites and their online directory search.

Courtesy of Buy Organic, I found this information buried on the Sensis site.

Print Directory Opt-out

You can choose not to receive specific Sensis directory print products by calling 1800 810 211, or emailing

Tell all your friends. Now.

(Yes, I know the delivery process employs manual labourers but I thought that the whole point of this economic reshuffle is the refocussing our economy on things we actually need and want . . . )

(Yes, I also know that the phone books are handy if Teh Internets is down but I’ll take a punt on that)

2 replies on “Stop Telstra White Pages and Yellow Pages phone book deliveries”

man home delivery of whitepages and yellow pages are a waste .. as far as i know most businesses dont use these dinosaurs any more opting for whitepages online .. ive been throwing into the recycle bin year after year both my white pages and yellow pages directories within minutes of receipt (or using as im now typing this from my laptop as a computer stand! lol), then again, recycling uses energy resources so its not directly green there as well!!

Another year and it still happens.

I think that a more effective way of getting the message across to Telstra might be to take the unwanted directories and deliver them to your nearest Testra Shop.

If anyone not needing the directories (everyone?) did this I am sure that would be the end of the delivery for advertising farce.

The phone number listed only works if you have a Telstra home phone – they cannot (will not?) stop delivery for non-Telstra customers.

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