Hello. My name is Seb Chan.

Hello. I’m Seb Chan.

Seeing as I’ve not updated this for a long time, its probably best that you know that I’m now based in Melbourne, but was previously in New York and Sydney.

Over the last 20 years I’ve helped museums and other cultural institutions adapt to this changing world – primarily through the critical and creative adoption of emerging technologies, and new ways of working.

I’ve spoken around the world and you can find many of those talks and documentation of older digital projects in my previous jobs over at Fresh & New. Some other mini-essays are on Medium.

Or my reviews of children’s books at Small Stories.

Or dig in to the music magazine I co-founded and ran for many years, Cyclic Defrost.

Or discover that I used to DJ – for 20 years.

If you want to know what I am doing right now then maybe you want Twitter or read my regularly irregular newsletter writing project at the all new Fresh and New(sletter).

I’m probably elsewhere too but you can figure that out.