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Junior Boys live and Fabchannel

Over at Fabchannel there is a recent-ish live show from Junior Boys. I rated their debut album Last Exit much more than their follow up So This Is Goodbye and here on this live show the skitter-y Timberland-inspired rhythms of the older tracks don’t really translate so well with the live drums. If you liked Violator-era Depeche Mode then you’ll love this stuff – I was more into New Order.

Probably what excites me more about this is the whole Fabchannel thing which gives you an entire live show with sound quality suitable for computer speakers and decent video. The Flash interface is nice with easy skipping tracks and fast forwarding. These are all recorded in Amsterdam’s Melkweg and Paradiso and stay online for however long they have been able to negotiate rights for. There is a list of ‘expired’ shows as well which is a really nice touch giving a transparency to the whole rights issue which for me almost highlights a ‘blacklist’ of artists.

If you check their archive of cleared stuff you’ll find some fun stuff including all sorts of indie pop and post rock like Wire, Stars, Do Make Say Think, The Wedding Present, and Najah Attabou (which first got me onto this site via Jace’s Mudd Up) buried amongst plenty of other things not so aligned to my taste.

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Hi all!
I found a music concert site which is pretty cool:
You can look at four video streams simultaneously with 4 different camera angles during a live show. You just have to choose the stream you want to watch. (if you want to see the drummer, the guitarist during a solo…) The nice thing is, switching allows you also to create a mixture of individual streams, and thus, you build your own montage of the pre-recorded concert and keep it. It seems that they are only in the beta testing version of the site and the final design will be available soon with more exclusive artist performances. It’ll be cool to direct your favourite band concert footage, you don’t need to have a production truck.

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