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One hundred and fifty thousand songs

by Seb Chan on March 17th, 2014

I’ve been tracking my music listening pretty religiously since early 2006 and a few weeks back I passed 150,000 songs. I’ve been doing this with the LastFM Scrobbler and ensuring that all my music playback has been captured barring a few crashes and timezone issues on long haul international flights where some hundreds (at most) didn’t get tracked. The data excludes anything skipped, fast forwarded, but includes both my on-the-go listening and home listening.

It took just over 8 years to reach this mark. That’s just over 50 songs a day.

Here’s the songs that marked the milestones along the way. They are just random data points, devoid of specific meaning in isolation. Although by looking at the tracks played around them I bet I could reconstruct at least some part of my emotions and mood at the time.

10K (13 August 2006) – Various Production – Don’t Ask
20K (28 March 2007) – Luisine – Flat For You (Matthew Dear rmx)
30K (28 October 2007) – Early Songs – Effess
40K (31 March 2008) – Benga – Light Bulb
50K (22 September 2008) – Lineland – Alchemy
60K (17 April 2009) – Jon Hopkins – A Drifting Up
70K (10 October 2009) – LFO/Aphex Twin – Simon From Sydney/SAW2 CD1 TRK7 (Pram rmx)
80K (5 April 2010) – Danny Norbury – All The Stars Are Out Tonight
90K (29 October 2010) – My Autumn Empire – The Approach Of The Sky
100K (30 May 2011) – Surgeon – Dark Matter
110K (17 January 2012) – Metronomy – The Bay
120K (2 September 2012) – Tanya Stephens – Its A Pity
130K (19 March 2013) – Atom TM – Empty
140K (13 October 2013) – Paul St Hillaire – Who Goes There
150K (2 March 2014) – Rachel Grimes – Every Morning

Who knows whether LastFM will still be around in thee years time when I should be reaching the 200K mark?

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