Stop Telstra White Pages and Yellow Pages phone book deliveries

OK so you’ve just got dumped with new phone books that are going to go straight into the recycling.

What a waste.

Surely there has to be a way to stop them?

Well, there is, but Telstra should plaster it all over their websites and their online directory search.

Courtesy of Buy Organic, I found this information buried on the Sensis site.

Print Directory Opt-out

You can choose not to receive specific Sensis directory print products by calling 1800 810 211, or emailing

Tell all your friends. Now.

(Yes, I know the delivery process employs manual labourers but I thought that the whole point of this economic reshuffle is the refocussing our economy on things we actually need and want . . . )

(Yes, I also know that the phone books are handy if Teh Internets is down but I’ll take a punt on that)


My dad


SMH obituary.


Some video from Dusted on Friday


Originally uploaded by nico)))

Here’s some retro-nuttiness from Friday night at Dusted.

I’d not played some of these tracks out on a big system in 16 years! And some may not get played for another 16 years . . . .

The video has tracks from Eon and Rave Crusader both in the mix and Ozi Batla is doing his best/worst impersonation of a rave MC circa 92.

Here’s the full set list from our set. I’m sure someone will upload it somewhere eventually.

Genlog – Mockmoon (intro)
Mental Generation – Slam
Underground Resistance – Riot
Outlander – Vamp
A Hippie, A Homeboy and a Funki Dredd – Total Confusion (Confusion mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
Toxic – Original Style
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
Acid Wolf – Valley Shuffle
N-Joi – Malfunction
Mental Cube – Q
Acid Junkies – Sector 9
Edge – Culminatr
Human Resource – Dominator (remix)
Eon – Basket Case
Rave Crusader – Energy Overload (Acid Changes mix)
Vinyl Countdown – Paroles
Roots – Racing Car
Hardfloor – Acerperience 3
Car & Driver – Drive
Egyptian Empire – Istanbul
Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing (Jump A Little mix)
XVX/Illuminatae – Tremora Del Terra
Mike Ink – Lovely Ugly Brutal World
Alec Empire – Follow Me To Death


1k Project

1000 plays of the same racing game layered over each other.

Cars like liquid. Beautiful.


An animated wall by Blu

So so cool.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


What? Another blog?

Yes folks, I’ve decided that now with the work blog becoming more serious and being read by, well, a lot of people, and the Cyclic Defrost blog becoming more strictly a CMS for the magazine that I need another new space for less structured public thoughts and the like